Practice Areas


Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance

With the surge and proliferation of bitcoin and blockchain technology, new legal challenges have arisen, which necessarily accompany the development of disruptive technologies.

Our team have been trained in the cryptocurrency ecosistem as value exchange, and in the protocols that emerged from Ethereum and the smart contracts that run on its blockchain, giving rise to a new way of doing business and even thinking the world: decentralized finance.

We have trained and advise on the following:

  • Bitcoin, Eth, stablecoins, e-wallets, exchanges and transactions with physical-world assets.
  • Applications of blockchain technology
  • Design and negotiation of smart legal contracts
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s)
  • Financial services regulations
  • Peer-to-Peer equity and debt financing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Companies’ capital contributions in cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency and token-related tax advisory
  • Personal data protection

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our team of specialists in corporate matters provides legal advice on all kinds of business-related issues and at all stages of their development, including the legal management of mergers and acquisitions, their negotiation and implementation.

We accompany our clients in their transactions from start to finish. We assist foreign companies in the opening of offices and branches and the acquisition of assets in Argentina, as well as potential investors in their search for new opportunities in emerging markets.

Our team’s experience covers all types of corporate transactions, from start-up to shareholder agreements. We also advise management teams on financial and investment structures.

We have ample experience in international transactions and cross-border operations. Thanks to our team’s high profile, as well as our partners’ big-law-firm-expertise, we provide cost-efficient solutions and have become an option of choice for multinational companies.

We have strong international professional ties, especially in Latin America, but also in the United States and Europe. This allows us to provide full legal support to Argentine subsidiaries controlled by foreign companies and to support foreign clients in multiple aspects related to international business.


Labor Law

At K&S, we recognize the need to provide companies with timely solutions in connection with labor law matters. Our highly skilled labor law team, covering all aspects of labor-related corporate affairs, ensures effective solutions for both contentious and non-contentious matters.


The experience gained working with international clients gives us a global understanding from a cross-border perspective. At the same time, understanding the cultural differences of each country and region allows us to achieve the proposed objectives within an efficient cost structure.


Tax Law

We provide comprehensive tax advice in collaboration with Estudio Fernández Borzese y Asociados.

Estudio Fernández Borzese provides advice on tax matters in connection with local and cross-border financial transactions and multilateral organizations. It has solid expertise in corporate reorganizations, industrial promotion regimes, tax exemptions, real estate projects, issuance of public securities, analysis of social security and tax regimes of expatriate workers, stock options and other alternative remuneration mechanisms.

The firm also has ample experience in transfer pricing and the interpretation of Argentine transfer pricing rules, the application of double taxation treaties and OECD rules (Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations). The firm also engages in national and provincial tax litigation.

They advise on customs matters and temporary import and free zone regimes, and assists clients through administrative and judicial proceedings on foreign trade-related matters.


Family Wealth Structuring

We provide legal advice to those for whom the proper management and protection of family wealth is essential. We are trusted advisors to private clients, families, trusts and family businesses.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with local and international clients. We are on hand to guide them on all legal and tax aspects of any business situation they may face, and we assume a strict duty of confidentiality and discretion on matters that tend to be very sensitive.


Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist multinational and local companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and financial advisors in their start-ups, purchase and sale of shareholdings, mergers and joint ventures, in all industries and business areas.

Our team is qualified to perform due diligence processes in all legal areas, detecting potential contingencies and proposing practical solutions to avoid or minimize the client’s exposure.

Once the due diligence stage is completed, we negotiate the transaction contracts, guarantees and shareholders’ agreements, through the signing and closing of the transaction.


Corporate Governance & Compliance

Regulatory issues cut across all aspects of commercial business.

This implies that regulated companies must be permanently alert about the obligations and regimes they must comply with, and adopt an adequate governance structure for said purpose.

At K&S, we assist our clients in all aspects of their commercial activity. Our practice includes matters related to investigations, summaries, imposition of sanctions or any other type of proceedings.


Litigation, Arbitration and Disputes

We always keep in mind that most clients seek to resolve their conflicts without engaging in litigation, and at the lowest possible cost. For this reason, we help them make informed decisions in the most complex situations, and put all our knowledge and experience in dispute resolution at their disposal.

Our litigation practice, both in court and out of court arbitration proceedings, combines strong litigation skills with expertise in the most varied areas of business.

In particular, we have vast experience in corporate conflict resolution, and the design of legal tools to prevent it.


Intellectual Property

The K&S IP team is comprised of specialists in all branches of IP, including litigation.

Our IP team has considerable experience in the non-contentious aspects of intellectual property. This includes trademarks; copyright; design rights; technology transfer and licensing agreements; launch, exploitation and protection of trademarks; commercial agreements; and advising on the IP aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

We provide a wide range of services ranging from the acquisition, exploitation and protection of intellectual property to matters related with commercial use, trademark infringement and general contentious matters.


Real Estate

We have a highly qualified team to provide our clients with the fitting advice on real estate matters. This includes the acquisition and sale of high value commercial and residential properties, real estate development, construction law, financing of real estate projects and the resolution of conflicts that may arise along the way.

We actively participate in the creation and acquisition of real estate trusts. We, therefore, have proven experience in public and private bids for the sale of land for large-scale developments -such as residential buildings, office buildings, condominiums and hotel projects-, as well as the hiring of construction managers and contractors, assisting in the management of real estate trusts in all legal and commercial aspects.

Our practice includes the judicial liquidation of trusts and the removal of its trustee when required by the trustees. In most cases, our work includes legal and regulatory advice for the acquisition of the corresponding real estate and the development of the projects.

The practice is not exclusive to Argentina, but, working closely with associated firms, extends to Uruguay, Paraguay and the USA..


Debt Restructuring and Insolvency

K&S provides legal assistance in all aspects of corporate insolvency, debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our services, prioritize cost efficiency for our clients, and are backed by the specialties of all our partners in areas interrelated with insolvency, such as banking law, real estate, labor law and litigation.


Technologies and Digital Transformation

We accompany multinational companies in the process of digital transformation and, in some cases, we function as an external legal department.

Along these lines and among other things, we advise on the structuring of their businesses through technological platforms, the design and implementation of master services agreements and statements of work, in the negotiation of contracts with developers and the implementation of remuneration programs using stablecoins and stock-options.

We are accustomed to working side by side with our clients in the technology industry, using agile methodologies (Canvas, Scrum) for the monitoring and achievement of objectives.

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